Beauty trends that will make you say WTF

There is always some type of trend that you feel compelled to try. The masses are trying it and you feel peer pressured into biting the bullet. However, there are some trends just way to bonkers to even think about trying. Like seriously, look at these trends:

(1) Hairy Nails

Don't have enough money to get your nails done every week, that's OK, just use your hair. I mean, why not. And just to make it even weirder (because it isn’t already) stick a photo of your face on your nails too.

(2) Brows Galore!

Overall, you really have to hand it to them, the creativity and uniqueness brings a tear to the eye, literally.

Feather Brows

Crown Brows

Wiggly Brows

Braided Brows

Fishtail Brows

Ponytail Brows


(3) Nostril Hair Extensions

No, just no.

(4) Glitter Tongue

Lets be honest, you have to be single to pull this trend of and not eat or drink anything to keep that tongue, uhm, beautiful

(5) Boob Nails

Each to their own I suppose #freethenipple

(6) Magnetic Lashes

At first this seems like heaven and the concept is really appealing, however majority of reviews seem to be underwhelmed. 

(7) Brow Stamps

As someone who has very sad brows and spend about 90% of my makeup routine trying to create a brow that is basically not there, this would definitely be worth a try. Just imagine the amount of time you could save!

(8) Jamsu-ing

Have flawless makeup and want it to last a long time? Stick your face (with makeup complete) in ice water. No thanks

(9) Holographic Makeup

Done right, it is definitely beautiful. Occasion to wear it too? Unicorn party perhaps?

(10) Glitter Roots

I mean it’s cheaper than getting it recoloured but you will spend the next year washing glitter out of your hair.

(11) Faux Freckles

See your mum was right all those years, your freckles are indeed cool!

(12) Neon Lips

Light up a room when you walk in, literally! 

(13) Floral Eye Makeup

Absolutely beautiful and truly a work of art, however somehow I see my hay-fever not loving this trend. You would need some serious skill to master this though.

(14) Tinsel eyelashes

Think a hair in your eye is annoying, imagine one of these bad boys.

So what do you think? Which one is your favourite and which one shocked you the most?