Skincare products containing Cannabis is now a thing

On any given week a new (and utterly bizarre) beauty treatment pops up. Just when you think you’ve heard it all something else will blow up the internet and have everyone talking. From blood facials, bull sperm conditioner, bird poop masks, placenta creams and ant body wash. The beauty industry is constantly trying to outdo each other and come up with that 'secret sauce' that will give women ‘eternal youth’. Whether each of these treatments are worth it or not, is another matter for another day. But, the latest trend that had me intrigued was, Cannabis skincare. It is fast becoming the next best thing in beauty and companies are not wasting any time to jump on-board. But what exactly is Cannabis skincare? It is basically any skincare product that features either Cannabidoil (CBD) or Hempseed oil as an ingredient. CBD has significant medical benefits to our minds and bodies whereas Hempseed is basically a super-food. Add just one of those ingredients to your skincare and it will do your skin a whole lot of good.
A recent landmark study discovered that Cannabis can help improve complexion as it promotes healthy lipid production. Our bodies contain and naturally produce, a chemical similar to an active ingredient found in marijuana, called THC. THC protects marijuana plants from pathogens, whereas the same chemical in our bodies may be necessary for us to maintain healthy skin and to protect us from pathogens.
In other words Cannabis skincare equals;
Anti-aging; and
Anti-inflammatory properties
Well, there you have it. There is no doubt that the use of Cannabis is a controversial topic and with most things there are pros and cons. Where do you stand?