TED talks on beauty you need to watch

How many times have you met someone who is absolutely stunning just to find out 5 minutes later that the type of person they are is not so admirable. All of a sudden, the way they look is now kind of irrelevant. You would have heard this saying a thousand times over and over again, but there genuinely is so much more to beauty than meets the eye. However, with that said, it is estimated that we can see up to 5,000 ads a day!! So even if you did want to believe that saying, it would be bloody hard to not be affected by what you see so persistently. And, what you see in beauty ads very rarely highlight anything other than the way you look. But, every now and then you’ll see something that is a breath of fresh air and something that highlights one of the many sides of beauty. Being beautiful is a bonus yes, but wouldn't you much rather feel beautiful instead? Being beautiful does not guarantee that you will be happy and it is temporary. So, with that said, watch these TED talks on beauty for your next dose of inspiration and let us know which one is your favourite. 

(1) "Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old." Source

(2) Introducing Turia Pitt. Honestly, there are not enough words to explain this woman. She is amazing and an all-round legend!

(3) "Rick Guidotti is a fashion photographer with a passion project: finding and sharing the beauty of kids with albinism and other conditions that affect their physical appearance -- and the way society treats them. At TEDxPhoenix, he shares some of their stories and the empowering effects of a little glamour as he redefines their beauty in a flash." Source

(4) "How do we know when a face — or object, for that matter — is beautiful? In this talk from TEDSalon London Spring 2011, designer Richard Seymour says that we simply feel it. Here, he takes a look on the power that feeling has over us." Source

(5) "I have cerebral palsy. I shake all the time," Maysoon Zayid announces at the beginning of this exhilarating, hilarious talk. (Really, it's hilarious). "I'm like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali". With grace and wit the Arab-American comedian take us on a whistle stop tour of her adventures as an actress, stand-up comic, philanthropist and advocate for the disabled." Source

"Beauty is not flawless, it shines even through your flaws"

"Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart"

"Beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face" 

We all have gifts, talents, abilities and so much depth to us that merely focusing on one aspect leaves so much potential unlocked.