What is ‘cloudless skin’?

If you heard someone say; ‘you have cloudless skin’, would you think you are being complimented or insulted? Well, rest assured, because it is a massive compliment and I would seriously strut my stuff if I was you.

Korean beauty dubbed the term ‘cloudless skin’ to explain the most clear and healthy skin you could ever dream of. ‘Cloudless skin’ is as bright and blemish-free as a sunny sky. It is however different to the latest trend, called ‘glass skin’, because it is more about a ‘healthy aura’ people radiate. The flawless glow is achieved through a balance of good skin care, physical and emotional wellbeing. 'Cloudless skin is completely blemish-free with no visible pores, veins or unevenness. Just to add to the perfection of it all, it also has a dewy translucency and envious levels of hydration that shouts youth and vibrancy. Overall, it represents a way of life rather than a trend.

This all sounds amazing but the more you look into the features of ‘cloudless skin’, the more you will wonder, who on earth has skin this good? I’m glad you asked. Here are some examples of ‘cloudless skin’ to prove that it is in actual fact possible:



Any sensible person will tell you that ‘cloudless skin’ is no overnight achievement! Think of it as something to work towards with a combination of good skincare, healthy diet, hydration and exercise. It is however, possible and there is no reason you can't have 'cloudless skin' either. With some effort and consistency you can rock 'cloudless skin' too and see makeup as an option rather than a necessity. 

What do you think of this new term and do you think it is something you can achieve?