Willow and Charlie Story

Besides being the founder and owner of Willow and Charlie, I'm a: wife, co-creator of two human beings, South African, professional tea drinker, currently working towards my Masters in shopping, and regularly contribute to charities called Parking Inspectors. However, there is one more unexpected title: accidental entrepreneur that turned a hobby into a business.
My love for the beauty industry has been a lifelong affair. Growing up I must have tried every product out there (at least once!). In my teenage years I started to really struggle with my skin despite having good hygiene, being active and having a healthy diet. After years of struggling to get that healthy, glowing and clear skin that I so desperately craved, I stumbled upon my first natural skincare products. When I talk about natural skincare I don't mean a splash of Almond oil here and a drop of Coconut oil there, I mean high quality natural products that are meticulously and carefully crafted with the aim to provide healthy skin. After only a couple of days using natural skincare I started noticing a change - lo and behold, my love for natural products started! There was only one problem, I didn't have the money to regularly buy all-natural skincare (hello, poor university student!). So, I decided to make my own. 
I started doing some extensive research into the skincare industry and specifically ingredients used in skincare. From this I started to understand the reasons why I struggled with synthetic products for so many years. I literally spent months studying every ingredient and what works well with what skin type. With that new found knowledge and passion I created my own product, the 'Walnut and Oat Multipurpose Scrub'. I pushed the boundaries a little but deliberately tried to fix the problems I personally had with certain products (i.e. scrubs for example!). I absolutely loved my new product, never tried anything like it and had great results using it. With its multipurpose action I was able to address a couple of issues at the same time. From there I got friends and family to try it and before I knew it demand skyrocketed and Willow and Charlie was born. 
I sincerely hope Willow and Charlie can leave a little bit of magic for you and continue to surprise you with every connection.  


Esmarie Fulton x