"Just wanted to tell you how much I love the Walnut and Oat scrub! I've had the worse cold (gross hey!) and the skin around my nose was so dry and flakey but really red and sensitive underneath. The scrub was so perfect because it removed the dead skin but was so gentle and soothing on the raw skin! So thanks!" Sarah 

"I just want to say thank you, I had such a stubborn breakout on my chest and back that just wouldn't go away, using your scrub for a week and it was clear! What the? Thank you is an understatement!!!" Sophie  

"Once again my face thanks you!" Debbie  

"Dear Willow and Charlie, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my samples that I received and tried! I love the natural ingredients and feel at peace knowing they don't contain any of the common 'nasties' like many store bought cosmetics. I have sensitive skin and have had no issues using your scrub. The scrub is lusciously creamy (not too harsh like other exfoliants I've tried!) Look forward to what is to come!" Michelle 

"Ok so I just used your face scrub and not only do I feel amazing but it doesn't dry out your face and make it feel dead like other acne treatments, love love love! I am looking forward to ordering some more very soon!" Zoe 

"I just love the Oat and Walnut scrub! I have a very dry skin and usually have to moisturise immediately after using cleansers or exfoliators because my skin feels tight and dry. With the Oat and Walnut scrub I sometimes forget that I have not moisturised! It is also gentle enough to use every day and I have lately been using it as a body scrub too. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moist and after using it for a while I started noticing how my skin tone has improved overall as it seems to even out the skin tone too!! It reduced redness and old age spots! I recommend Willow and Charlie to everyone!" Marina 

"My skin can be quite sensitive, and doesn't react well to all the chemicals found in most skincare products. I love that the Walnut and Oat 3-IN-1 scrub is made with natural ingredients and that it leaves my skin feeling so soft, moisturised and clean after each use. The fact that it is also so affordable is a definite bonus!" Natasha 

"The Walnut and Oat scrub is amazing! It leaves my usually dry skin feeling soft and nourished. I also love how it is made of natural ingredients so I don't have to worry about what is going onto my skin and down the drain!" Amy 

"I have never been very good with maintaining a good skincare routine but I'm loving my new scrub from Willow & Charlie!!! It leaves my skin feeling SO soft, clean and fresh!" Tahlia

"The scrub is so simple and feel lovely on my skin! It's not harsh and suits my skin perfectly! I really recommend it and seeing what it can do for your skin just like I have!" Jenny 

"I am seriously in awe of how amazing this Walnut and Oat scrub is! Seriously, where have you been all my life?!" Sam 

"I just want to thank you for such a fabulous scrub! It's brilliant, I love it! You're a genius!" Jess 

"I've been buying the Willow and Charlie scrub for years and every now and then I will try other products. But, I always seem to come back to this! It's just that good" Kim